Frequently Asked Questions

Do you find grants for us? Where do we start?

Successful Grants partners with our subscription clients to find grants. We advise you on how to achieve a directed search for your organisation. We can teach you about some terrific free searches, subscriptions and government alerts. As part of our onboarding process, we teach you how to use these in a manner that’s specifically tailored for your business. If you prefer to DIY, please watch our short video on Sunshine Coast's Funding Finder or visit The Grants Hub.

Do you offer grant editing and/or proofreading?

Yes. We can edit your content so that your message is clear, then proofread for a professional submission. 

We offer thorough editing and reviews of all components of a grant submission – including the narrative, budgets and supporting documents. This is not just a quick grammar check; for most clients, we thoroughly reframe content and provide extensive commentary on how to further increase your competitiveness.

Are there grants for start-ups?

Very few, and offerings from government usually comprise guidance, mentoring and information, not money. This is why it’s very difficult for start-ups to win grant funds. Ideally, you need to have a strong track-record, demonstrated success and co-contributions. Start-ups might be eligible for funding, but they are very unlikely to be competitive in comparison to well-established charities and businesses that will also be applying for the same limited pool of grant monies.

There are occasionally may be some exceptions, so if you think you’ve found a perfect grant, please contact us. We will offer trusted advice about your chance of success.

When should I contact you about a grant submission or award application I’m interested in?

As early as possible! In our experience, a thorough onboarding process takes most businesses 10 days, and it takes three weeks to write a winning grant. If we choose to support a submission with less than three weeks to closing, we will add a 20% short deadline fee.

Do you take commission only?

No – we can work with you to produce a high-quality compelling case, but we cannot control a funder’s decisions. Our services are extremely affordable and with larger grants, we keep this lean with a small percentage win fee (1-5% depending on the funding amount), so that we share ownership of the win with our clients, giving our everything to make your application as competitive as possible.

Why do you need sensitive documents like my business financials?

Firstly, the eligibility of many grants is underpinned by your revenue, and you may be asked to show evidence of this. Secondly, grant funders want to know all about your organisation. Most grants will need financials and Planning documents as attachments. Successful Grants collates this information and submits it on your behalf, in confidence. Only the funder will ever receive these documents.

How successful are you?

Successful Grants has a 100% success rate across dozens of clients with some small grants offered by the Queensland Government. Further, we have helped sporting organisations gain millions of dollars of funding for infrastructure or events.

Many factors influence success–the total money pool, the funder’s priorities, politics and the project. A well-written application still cannot guarantee a successful outcome. Your organisation’s reputation, community/stakeholder support,  history and accomplishments play a role, as do the funder’s priorities. Most grant are over-subscribed by at least three-fold, so they are very competitive. These factors are outside a grant writer’s influence.

Successful Grants has a long history with repeat clients who continue to benefit greatly from our approach and can attest to the quality of our submissions. Our services shape projects into marketable concepts with compelling pitches that can be used for other funding options.

What happens after you submit – follow ups and acquittals

After a grant submission, you may wait between three and six months for the announcement by the grant funder. You will maintain ownership of the grant portal (platform) log in, with access to the application and direct contact with the funder regarding outcomes, variations and acquittals. After completing your submission, Successful Grants does not have ongoing contact with the funder regarding your grant.