Grant Consultancy for Not-for-Profits


We work with Queensland-based community groups, sports clubs and charities with volunteers to help you find funding for activities or events.

Our grant consultation services offer:

Full Onboarding: $660 - $1200 (GST incl)

Critical for your grant success, onboarding allows the timely submission of high-quality and highly competitive grant submissions.

Onboarding allows us to understand what makes your organisation special and different by:

  • Establishing a baseline understanding of your model, strategic objectives, staff/volunteers and stakeholders
  • Learning about your values, vision and goals
  • Understanding relevant documentation, from your Strategic Plan to your online presence and financials, including past funding submissions and award applications
  • Partnering with you for one month (see Monthly Subscription inclusions below)

This enables us to:

  • Provide an overview around grant timings, competitiveness, eligibility and outcomes alignment
  • Ensure you are ready to commence grant submissions
  • Recommend the best strategies for you to find grants, ongoing.
Monthly Subscription: $220 - $330/month (GST incl)


  • A monthly meeting to discuss your current and emerging activities and/or events and search for likely grant funding sources
  • Eligibility advice (grant matching) for up to two grants/month for grants that we identify
  • Priority management of additional grant submissions (additional writing fee applies)
Client Scenario 1: Sports Club
The Organisation:

Leah is the President of the local cricket club. She has a busy Committee whose members are very hands-on and heavily involved with coaching the younger players and organising social events for the senior members.

The Problem:

The Committee members were dedicated and had very creative ideas, but they were frustrated because income from membership simply wasn’t enough to fund their projects and not enough people turned up to fundraising events. Because no-one on the Committee knew how to find a grant or prepare a submission, they asked Successful Grants to help.

The Solution:

The Club and Successful Grants formed a productive partnership. Thanks to our extensive experience with sport club grants throughout Australia, we were able to swiftly identify three suitable grants and then offer priority support to enable timely submission by the Club.

The Outcome:

The Club was successful in securing funding. This allowed the Committee members to run specified coaching activities and social events that would not otherwise have been possible. Club membership increased and its local profile continues to grow, enabling it to better achieve its vision of making a positive contribution right across the community.


Client Scenario 2: Charity


The Organisation:

Ian and Jodie are on the Board of an established charity that employs two members of staff. The Board is slick and has a robust five-year strategic plan for implementing the charity’s core business of improving mental health in the region, including suicide prevention and eating disorders.

The Problem:

Ian and Jodie were aware of the philanthropic and government grants that became available every month and were spending many hours chasing after them, with unsuccessful outcomes. Realising that their largely fruitless grant work was simply taking too much time, which took them away from the work they enjoyed and were very skilled at, they approached Successful Grants for help.

The Solution:

Successful Grants’ comprehensive Onboarding process allowed us to prioritise the charity’s current and emerging projects and ideas, align with their project documents with funder priorities, identify key words and perform targeted searches together for relevant grants at monthly meetings.

The Outcomes:

The charity’s partnership with Successful Grants led to fewer submissions and more grant successes and a very significant time saving for Ian and Jodie. Their Monthly Subscription resulted in regular funding boosts to finance new programs.


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