How We Work

How we work

At Successful Grants, our consultation services take the hard work out of grant submissions and award applications so you can focus on what you do best.

Our services range from simple grant submissions to full end-to-end search-and-write services that include:

          Onboarding (once-only fee) plus subscriptions (monthly fee) plus priority management (additional fees apply for grant writing) across:

  • Grant/Award Search Meetings
  • Eligibility Advice (‘grant/award matching’)
  • Grant/Award Management


Our effective, friendly and no-nonsense approach results in THREE important outcomes:

  • Maximise your chance of securing funding or receiving an award
  • Minimise your time spent on submissions and applications
  • Ensure you’re ‘grant-ready’ or ‘award-ready’ so you don’t miss new opportunities



Our grant and award consultation services are underpinned by FIVE key principles:

Time – Because we know your time is precious, we use proven, streamlined processes to record the information we need as efficiently as possible. That said, we never rush you and you can contact us at any time.

Understanding – We make it our business to get familiar with you and yours. Once we understand your priorities, projects and plans as if they were our own, we can advise on your eligibility for relevant grant/award opportunities as soon as they arise.

Advice – We provide honest, objective consulting advice around your chance of success for a particular grant or award before you invest valuable resources in the submission/application process.

Support – Grant submission and award application processes can be complex and lengthy. To avoid this, our proactive support services guide you to prepare the required material ahead of time. Our templates and tailored questionnaires help you with project outlines; timelines; budgets; letters of support; concise statements of the skills, qualifications and experience of key personnel; capability statements; governance and/or risk management plans; and more.

Writing – When writing your grant submission or award application, we’re expert at putting your best case forward. We create a clear, succinct story that showcases who you are and what you do in a manner that’s aligned with grant or award guidelines and criteria.


You’re an entrepreneurial sole trader looking for funding for an innovative project. Successful Grants can help.




You’re on the lookout for a small business grant to help you improve the business. Successful Grants can help.




You have a clear business plan and need funding to increase your profitability. Successful Grants can help.



You need financial help to improve your infrastructure, equipment or capacity. Successful Grants can help.