Grant Consultancy for Sole Traders

Our Grant Consultancy Service for Sole Traders

We work with sole traders and micro business owners like you, who need funding to back an innovative project or expand your operation.

Our grant consultation services offer:

Full Onboarding – $660 (GST incl)

Critical for your grant success, onboarding allows the timely submission of high-quality and highly competitive grant submissions.

Onboarding allows us to understand what makes your business tick and what your point of difference is by:

  • Establishing a baseline understanding of your operation, workflow, business model, strategic objectives, staff and stakeholders
  • Learning about your values, vision and goals
  • Understanding relevant documentation, from your Business Plan and Project Plan to your online presence and financials, including past funding submissions and award applications
  • Partnering with you for one month (see Monthly Subscription inclusions below)

This enables us to:

  • Provide an overview around grant timings, competitiveness, eligibility and outcomes alignment
  • Ensure you are ready to commence grant submissions
  • Recommend the best strategies for you to find grants, ongoing.
Monthly Subscription – $220/month (GST incl)


  • A monthly meeting to discuss your current and emerging projects and search for likely funding sources
  • Eligibility advice (grant matching) for up to one grant/month that we identify during monthly meeting
  • Priority management for the preparation of grant submissions, where we:
  • Provide customised checklist, including timelines
  • Facilitate a grant virtual meeting
  • Support you through the grant submission
  • Review your supplied attachments, such as letters of support, financials, statutory declarations and more.
  • Upload text and attachments to the grant portal (as permitted by funder)
  • Submit the application on your behalf (as permitted by funder)
  • Priority management for the preparation of additional grant submissions (additional fee applies)


Client Scenario

The Business:

Jacki is an entrepreneurial sole trader (micro business) local farmer who asked Successful Grants to help her seek funding for an innovative, value-add project. She planned to expand the business by using farm produce to make jams, pickles and condiments.

The Problem:

Jacki didn’t know where to look for food-related funding opportunities or how to work out whether she was eligible without spending valuable time reading the lengthy grant guidelines. She also wanted to source quality business advice for her expansion and update her website accordingly.

The Solution:

Successful Grants helped Jacki by spending time to learn about her business. Onboarding ensured she would be grant-ready for the next available funding opportunity. At monthly meetings, we looked at her expansion projects and searched for relevant grants together, preparing appropriate documents.

We soon found a $10,000 food grant that would fund her proposed expansion as well as a $5,000 small business grant that would fund business advice and a website refresh.

It was straightforward and stress-free to prepare very strong submissions that were fully backed up with quality supporting documents.


Successful Grants navigated the guidelines, eligibility and portal on behalf of the business and Jacki received funding for both grants. She benefited from the clear understanding we had gained of her business thanks to our Onboarding process, as well as from the positive and productive relationship we had established with her. What Jacki most appreciated was the ease with which she received funding, and how partnering with Successful Grants allowed her to focus on what she enjoyed most – her core business.

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