Grant Consultancy for Small Businesses

We work with small business owners with annual revenue of $300,000-$600,000 who need funding to back an innovative project or otherwise expand operations.

Our grant consultation services offer:

Full Onboarding – $660 (GST incl)

Critical for your grant success, onboarding allows the timely submission of high-quality and highly competitive grant submissions.

Onboarding allows us to understand what makes your business tick and what your point of difference is by:

  • Establishing a baseline understanding of your operation, workflow, business model, strategic objectives, staff and stakeholders
  • Learning about your values, vision and goals
  • Understanding relevant documentation, from your Business Plan and Project Plan to your online presence and financials, including past funding submissions and award applications
  • Partnering with you for one month (see Monthly Subscription inclusions below)

This enables us to:

  • Provide an overview around grant timings, competitiveness, eligibility and outcomes alignment
  • Ensure you are ready to commence grant submissions
  • Recommend the best strategies for you to find grants, ongoing.
Monthly Subscription – $220/month (GST incl)


  • A monthly meeting to discuss your current and emerging projects and search for likely grant funding sources
  • Eligibility advice (grant matching) for up to one grant/month that we identify together, plus a customised checklist
  • Priority management of grant submissions (additional grant management fee applies)


Client Scenario

The Business:

John is a savvy and organised builder with a small and growing concreting business employing three staff. He works in prestigious suburbs and is looking for ways to make his business stand out by exploring new industry tech.

The Problem

John needed new equipment to reduce the noise and dust produced by his concrete cutting process. He knew there were grants available as colleagues had received money, but he didn’t know where to start looking. What’s more, with staff to manage and quotes to prepare for new clients, he was extremely time poor. He had missed several grant opportunities because he hadn’t been ready to apply when a grant had opened.

The Solution:

Our partnership with John helped him to customise his grant searches and become ‘grant-ready’ for the next opportunity. We took the pain out of the process by working through customised checklists of grant requirements and deadlines so John could easily digest what needed to be done. He welcomed our advice, was quick to respond and together we worked very effectively to prepare a high-quality submission that gave him the very best chance of success. We helped John to put his business vision and project plans into words that aligned with the funder’s questions.

The Outcomes:

John used the clear written description of his business, plans and projects created by Successful Grants during his Onboarding. This won him a $50,000 grant for the purchase of specialised equipment for his business.


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